If you know us, you know that Ryan is a night owl and that I’m an early bird. It’s perhaps the single biggest source of frustration in our marriage, meaning that most mornings start with me badgering Ryan to get up and at ’em and most nights end with him hanging out with the dogs as I tuck myself into bed. :)

Every once in a while, though, there are days where Ryan’s call time means he’s showering at the crack of dawn while I slumber away. This past Friday we had one of those mornings. Since Emma Vance awoke from Ryan’s rustlings, I pulled her into bed to lull her back to sleep, adjusting myself to lay across the bed in Ryan’s warm, empty spot. Apparently Ryan thought we looked ridiculous, and so this is the image I awoke to on my phone… Hey, at least we ALL look comfortable, don’t we? :)

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