Old Man Shove Gets Cut

In good spirits!

Today Ryan and I woke up feeling surprisingly happy and excited. I say “surprisingly” because today is surgery day, which, for most people, would be a bad thing. Ryan, though, is ready to get his surgery over with and begin the healing process. God has granted us both supernaturally positive attitudes today, so considering how bad we could have felt, waking up with no worries today felt like waking up on Christmas morning. (Is December 27th too soon to say that?)

We’ve been praying for the best possible outcome and feel confident that God will take care of him. I’m in the waiting room now, doing my only job right now–waiting–and praying for the surgeon to have a clear head and skillful hands. We’ve been praying that Ryan’s achilles snapped cleanly and that there will be two non-shredded ends for the doctor to connect, that he’ll not be in too much pain over the next few weeks, and that he’ll heal quickly.

When Ryan was waiting to be wheeled back, he was (of course) working up until the last possible moment, in good spirits, and joking about not needing anesthesia because he was already sleepy and ready for a nap. The doctor said that he should eat once he’s awake and up to it, so we talked about what he wanted (in case he’s not of sound mind), and we landed on Panera (surprise, surprise). As they wheeled him down the hallway, his second-to-last words to me were, “Not a Big Kid Grilled Cheese. I’ll take a Frontega. No onions. Noooo oooonions!” (And then, of course, “I love you!”)

Now that the gears are in motion, I’m getting ready to play Mrs. Nurse and wait on my husband hand and foot (left foot, to be exact!), but perhaps more importantly, we prepared for his impending recovery last night by purchasing a television for our master bedroom. (Funny how his rupturing his achilles tendon resulted in us getting a new television, isn’t it?) Ryan’s been refusing to take it too easy over the past week, claiming he wants to “get his money’s worth” out of the surgery. Ha! So last night when he convinced me that he could go alone to Costco to get the 32″ TV we agreed upon, I should’ve known better than to let the man out on his own. Somehow Costco was mysteriously and suspiciously out of stock on all 32″ televisions, and when I got the call to weigh in on whether he should get a 47″ or 60″, I knew I had been duped. Oh, well. The 47″ fits nicely on our bedroom wall, and if it eases his recovery process, it’s worth it. HOWEVER, let’s just say that I won’t be so easily convinced of his independence post-surgery. :)

I’ll update once he’s out. Prayers welcome!

When you work for yourself, work can’t wait. ;)

In seven years of marriage, I’ve never put Ryan’s ring on my own hand.
Gosh, boys’ fingers are way bigger than girls’!
Can’t wait to give this back to him. 

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