Olive is FIVE!

Olive Belle Shove turns five today!

Today is Olive’s fifth birthday, and it seems that she knows it. All day she’s been demanding extra attention, extra rubs, extra snuggles…and because today is HER day, she gets whatever she wants (including doggy ice cream to celebrate).

We adore both our dogs equally and uniquely. Olive is passionate and mature, a fierce protector of Emma Vance and gluttonous when it comes to being loved. She doesn’t give her trust openly–it must be earned, but once it’s earned, it’s forever. I have adored every day of the past five years and feel like we have our own secret nonverbal language, one that no one else will ever understand. I find comfort in hearing her little puppy wheezes and snores in the middle of the night and look forward to many more years with her at our sides. Happy birthday to the best (female) dog a girl could ask for!

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