Pajamas + Pumpkins



Today was a big day at preschool.

Emma Vance’s class had apparently been talking about how much they wished they could wear their pajamas to school (no doubt that my child had something to do with that idea!), and so our wonderful teachers did the most logical thing — they took a vote! And, wouldn’t you believe it, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of having a class-sanctioned Pajama Day. (Even their sweet teachers participated, even though I’m sure they felt awkward walking around school underdressed!) It was Emma Vance’s favorite day this year by far (despite her face in the first picture below…stinker). I volunteered to grab a quick pic of the whole class after check-in was over, so I got to observe my eldest in her classroom environment for ¬†a while, and it was so insightful. (My sweet, independent, slightly dyslexic daughter…)

For Cricket, today was her class’s turn to visit the church’s pumpkin patch. Considering she’s been obsessing over the idea of pumpkin patches lately, she was beyond thrilled to explore the orange sea of Halloween decor. She wanted to run ahead of her class, but I reminded her to be patient. ;) And once we had seen all the pumpkins and stuck our face into the photo backdrop¬†longer than necessary, her teacher regrouped the class for a photo and a little story about a paper pumpkin. (Cricket was all about it!)

We love our preschool, and today was a good confirmation of how awesome it is!

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