Pancakes with Priscilla the Pink Pig 2016


We’ve officially entered into the holiday season, and thus “firsts” without my mom have started. Today’s festivity was one of her favorites — our annual Pancakes with Priscilla Breakfast. I expected it to be hard, but we had a good time, which I think she’d have wanted.

Me: Emma Vance, do you know what we’re doing tomorrow?

E.V.: No…

Me: Going to ride the Pink Pig!

E.V.: Yay! I can’t wait to eat pig marshmallows!!! 

Me: Me, too. Yia Yia always loved the Pink Pig.

(pensive four-year old silence)

Me: Yia Yia said she’ll be watching us tomorrow.

E.V.: (wide-eyed) You can talk to people in heaven?!?

Me: Of course!

E.V.: How?

Me: Praying.

E.V.: Oh. Can I have regular marshmallows too tomorrow?

Me: Of course. ;)

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