Party Peach Pickin’

Emma Vance’s birthday is a week from Thursday and her party is two days later. Ryan and I love a good party and always have such a good time throwing them. Needless to say this particular birthday for E.V. is a big “one” (Get it? Ha!), so we’ve been up to our ears in planning and crafting. I have a list about a mile long that never seems to get shorter; every time I mark an item off, it seems that two more appear in its place! Bah.

One of the things on my to-do list that’s been hanging around for a while is to order peaches. (Her birthday theme is peach (color and fruit) and mint (color).) I’ve gone through several different options and finally landed on ordering them from our local farmer’s market here in downtown Alpharetta. I must admit that although I’d love to say I made the decision in order to support local business owners, to be greener and to give the peach-buying-process a wholesome feeling, truthfully it’s because it’s the cheapest and most convenient option. But if you’d like to think of me as more modern/earthy for the decision, believe away. ;)

On Saturday we visited our peach provider bright and early (very early) to talk through a few last-minute questions. It was cool and breezy, which was a much welcomed break from the muggy heat and summer thunderstorms that have dominated this season so far. Ryan, Emma Vance and I perused the produce, squeezed a few peaches and sampled some cantaloupe–which E.V. was very excited about. I, on the other hand, found my excitement in marking off something on my to-do list finally! Eleven days and counting–and about a bajillion things left to accomplish. Can I do it? (Duh, of course I can. Do you know me? Ha!)

“Let’s take this one, Mom.”

“Uh, E.V., we’re not actually eating the peaches…”
“…so why don’t you try some cantaloupe instead?”

She likes it!

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