Picture Day(s)


Emma Vance and Cricket had school photos this week, which I had prepped for by purchasing matching outfits (something that only happens a few times a year). I was so excited because I’m in LOVE with these fox dresses from my friend Katy’s IG shop (@stylinsophie) and knew that the girls dressed up all matchy-matchy in them would be a memorable pic…until I realized that their classes were assigned different days for photographs. Boo. So on Tuesday E.V. was all fancified while Cricket ran around in her pajamas at home all day, and Wednesday it was Cricket’s time to shine. As it turns out, matching outfits only work when they’re worn at the same time. Who’d have guessed, haha? Oh well, maybe next year!

I also never trust the school photographer, so I take my own in case my girls don’t look right in the professional photos. Enjoy these gazillion “school” pics!

no1_3735no1_3774 no1_3791 no1_3793 no1_3800 no1_3807 no1_3822 no1_3829no1_3845 no1_3859 no1_3862no1_3869 no1_3881 no1_3883

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