Playing Catch Up (In No More Than One Million Pictures)


Okay, it’s time to play catch up around here. Life’s been busy, and even though I’ve been shooting pictures, I haven’t had a ton of time to translate those images into blogs. So, here we go — the past few weeks in no more than one million pictures (and a few blurbs here and there). Happy Friday night!


Cricket, always my silent little sidekick, started wearing shoes. :) I’m not a newborns-in-sneakers kind of mom, so this is a big milestone for us. Also, we’ve been frequenting Mugs on Milton, a cute local coffee shop near Amityville that has AWESOME chai tea lattes.

NO1_2639 NO1_2642 NO1_2644 NO1_2647

Emma Vance’s class had a Family Picnic last week and Ryan was able to take a little time out of his hectic busy season at work to join us. Poor guy got stuck hanging out with Cricket and helping chase E.V. while I chatted with the other moms; what a good dad and husband. ;) In related news, E.V. is OBSESSED with school still and each night when I tuck her in and tell her tomorrow is a school day, she cheers, “YAY!”

NO1_2654 NO1_2660 NO1_2663 NO1_2669 NO1_2674 NO1_2694 NO1_2704 NO1_2708 NO1_2721 NO1_2737 NO1_2748 NO1_2757

Speaking of food, Cricket is the hungriest baby ever and devours anything you put in front of her. (She LOVES sweet potatoes the most.) She’s independent just like her big sister was and likes to try and feed herself. She’s even taken to drinking those puree packets, which E.V. didn’t do until waaaaay later on. This self-feeding is great, but it isn’t without it’s drawbacks… ;)

NO1_2762 NO1_2777 NO1_2779 NO1_2788

Subsequently, Cricket’s love for food has also unveiled a profound love for sink baths.

NO1_2798 NO1_2800 NO1_2802 NO1_2811 NO1_2818

Cricket FINALLY went to church for the first time. We’ve been online-attenders for too long, and we were all glad to get back in the Sunday morning groove. She was the only girl in a class full of baby boys, so she got some extra lovin’, which I loved!

NO1_2848 NO1_2851

Afterwards, the girls and I made a last trip to Harry’s Farmers’ Market (our local Whole Foods), which will closing down and reopening down the street in a few weeks. It was bittersweet. Harry’s has been our happy place for so many years that it will be an adjustment to change locations. :(

NO1_2865 NO1_2869 NO1_2878 NO1_2882 NO1_2890

Emma Vance has become enamored with “Cinderella” lately; Cricket’s become enamored with this porcupine cup. (And with annoying her big sister, too.) E.V. asks to watch the classic Disney movie every single night after bathtime…and she laughs at the mice fighting the cat, Lucifer, every single time we watch it. Silly girl!

NO1_3120 NO1_3130 NO1_3133 NO1_3135 NO1_3137 NO1_3153 NO1_3164

I dug out all of E.V.’s old clothes and switched Cricket’s closet from 3-6 month sizes to 6-12 months this week. I had amassed a pile of “Clothes to Be Organized” on top of the girl’s clothing bins, so I took the opportunity to not only get out the bigger sizes but also to organize the massive mess. I regretted that decision every minute of the entire FOUR HOURS it took. Then was so happy as soon as it was done. ;)

I can’t believe that Cricket is already in the 6-12 month clothes! I feel like I just put them away from Emma Vance’s closet. Sigh. It all happens too fast. I did laugh when I found this little onesie in the bin; it’s pretty much Cricket’s life motto, so she HAD to wear it right away. (Plus the weather’s been getting a little chilly around here, meaning we could sneak a few long-sleeve outfits into our wardrobe over the past few weeks. YAY!);

NO1_3195 NO1_3216NO1_3221

E.V.’s new favorite place is in Cricket’s crib, and she climbs up in it every evening to bounce around and sing “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” She always begs for Cricket to join her, and I usually oblige because, well, they’re just happier together than apart.


We started off October in our black cat outfit (of course) and with a visit to Farmhouse in the City on a playdate with E.V.’s preschool classmates. (Cricket crashed the party…as usual. Ha!) E.V. loves that place to pieces and calls it “Chickens and Bunnies.” (P.S. Please note the poor rabbit she spoon fed pellets to. Yeesh.)


And, then, finally, this morning it was pouring rain before our Friday music class, so we decided that the weather called for a visit to the donut shop. DaVinci’s is donating $1 to breast cancer research for every pink sprinkle confection purchased this month, so we rallied for the cause. (It took soooo much convincing, NOT! ;) )


And that’s about it! Tomorrow we head to Athens with the girls for the Homecoming game, which will be fun (and interesting). I love October, don’t you guys? We’ve got lots of things planned for the next few weeks, so I’m going to try to be better about posting… :/

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