Preschool Punkins

I love school, and thankfully Emma Vance does, too! Her little class is so precious–full of little lives just learning how to navigate this big world…and how to take a group picture. :)

Yesterday was Pumpkin Patch Day for E.V.’s 1s Class, meaning the moms were called in for backup. (I can’t blame them for requesting assistance; keeping track of eight one year olds is like herding cats!) Unfortunately it was one of those mornings for me: the garage door froze (literally) and wouldn’t close, I attempted a slew of unsuccessful errands, a Starbucks barista insulted my name, E.V.’s teacher called because her new shoes were too big and falling off, I lost my car keys–and all this before noon! However, half an hour spent chasing my little escape artist and her classmates around the church’s pumpkin patch was a much-needed bright spot in my otherwise ugly morning. The highlight of the visit? An attempt to gather all the kids for a class picture…which was an experience that I’ll leave to your imaginations, save to say that E.V. took the opportunity to push all the decorative pumpkins off the bench (to make room for all the other kids, duh). Let’s just say that next year will be a much easier shot to get!:)

“Auntie Em? We aren’t in Kansas anymore!”

(That’s her monster grin, which she’s practicing for Halloween night…)

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