It’s official — the house is OURS!

I’m a bit overwhelmed by emotion, and I have to admit that these emotions happened unexpectedly. Unfortunately Ryan’s work schedule was such that he wasn’t able to make it to the closing. He signed Power of Attorney over to me and we knew we would have to be apart today, but I wish he could’ve been with me. (Partly so I didn’t have to sign “Ryan Niles Shove by Natalie Shove, AIF” and initial “RNS by NS, AIF” for him a million times, haha! Yeesh.) I was totally fine — it hasn’t seemed real at all truthfully — until we were all done signing and I excused myself to the restroom. I started to tear up, overwhelmed by that “it’s finally over” feeling. Getting to this point has taken years, and now it’s here. Yes, the move and getting settled and making the house a home all lie in front of us, but the uncertainty, the stress of wondering, the late nights dreaming of things gone wrong are all in our past. Sigh.

We’re not officially entering the home as a family until Saturday when Ryan returns, and until then I’m going to have that anxious feeling about me. I can’t wait to walk in as our family of four, sit on the empty floors and laugh. I really just want to laugh with my girls and my love in the happiest place on earth. Until Saturday!


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