Ryan Birthday Recap

This is “us” when Ryan turned 31. Bookmark for future reference :)
Yesterday taught me that being 30 is a lot different than being in your 30s. Although yesterday was lots of fun in its own way, it was definitely low key. Here’s how we celebrated Ryan’s big 3-1:
First we had lunch at Smokejack. Mmm. BBQ.
Then E.V. did some work while Ryan took a nap in the bed next to her.
Wait a minute…

Then we took a trip to the dog park. Family time!
When we got there, we passed around Emma Vance…

…and showed her all the interesting things at the park.

The dogs were excited to run around by themselves…
…until then they made a new friend!

While they played,  E.V. and I sat down to watch all the puppies…

…and then it was time to go because E.V. tried to eat her hands, which reminded us it was dinner time.

(Olive was exhausted, obvi.)

Then it was dinner at Old Blind Dog, and a quiet evening at home. Not the most eventful day, but a peaceful reminder that we’ve moved on to the next stage of life. Goodbye 30, hello family man!

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