She Pooped a Sticker

In addition to exploring outside today, E.V. also pooped a sticker. All in a {baby} day’s work.

Really I could just leave it at that–she pooped a sticker–because that’s exactly what happened today.

Sometimes you just have to tell those honest moments in life to make others feel better about themselves, so moms out there, if you’re having a bad day today, just remember that my baby ate and then subsequently pooped out a sticker.

The worst part? I didn’t recognize the green-with-black-writing sticker AT ALL. Where did she even get this thing? Is my baby secretly sneaking out to baby raves at night while I think she’s peacefully slumbering? And, at these raves, is sticker-eating all the rage? Are all the cool babies doing it?!? Geez.

How a baby determines if something is edible:

1. Find an item.
2. Eat an item.

Duh. Everything┬áis food a baby, a point that was proven with today’s diaper surprise. Sigh.

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