Short, Fat & Brainy (Nine Month Dr. Appt.)

Short, fat, brainy and on-track. That about sums it up!

Today is Emma Vance’s nine month birthday, and we celebrated with an early morning visit to the pediatrician’s office. Since it’s been three months since her last official visit, things have changed quite a bit with her mobility, so I had to get creative to keep her entertained while waiting. After fighting a squirmy baby on the exam table for a few minutes, I convinced myself that they must keep the floors clean in a doctor’s office, so she crawled around, pulling apart my diaper bag, scratching my shoes/pulling up on my legs and practicing her selfie skills. Then the doctor came in, and I breathed a sigh of relief for the provided entertainment.

diaper bag = entertainment while waiting
Mom’s shoes/legs = entertainment while waiting
taking baby selfies = entertainment while waiting
There wasn’t anything super significant about the visit. E.V. is on-track developmentally, gaining weight well and full of personality. She gained 1 lb. 3 oz. this month, weighing in at 19 lbs. 7 oz. (70th percentile). She grew an inch and is now 27″ tall (25th percentile), while her head grew 2 cm (75th percentile). Big brain, short legs, full belly? Sounds like her mom to me! (Ha!) The doctor had to give her a tongue depressor to keep her focused and entertained during her examination. Sounds like her dad to me!
The best toys aren’t really toys per se…

She only had to get one vaccine this month, and while the nurse gave her the shot she was happily playing with her new tongue depressor. She cried for about 0.2 seconds, then re-discovered the stick and happily went back to chewing on it. In fact, when the nurse then had to prick her toe to test her iron level (which was fine at 11.5), she barely even noticed because she was so enthralled by little wooden object. I suppose it felt good on her new teeth! As I was packing up and cleaning up, E.V. discovered the Snoopy bandage on her toe and decided it was more fascinating (and tasty) than the depressor…

“Shot? What shot?” 

“new” Snoopy bandages


 So, all in all we’re just chugging along, encouraging her to stand tall and suck in that tiny belly of hers. :) We’re thankful for uneventful doctor’s appointments like these and pray for more of the same in the future.

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