Soccer Momming


Today I did something I swore I would never do. In fact, I’m pretty sure Twenty-Something Talie, that girl who’s buried somewhere deep within me, is rolling her young eyes at me right now.

Hey, I remind that decades-past self, minds change. Hearts change. PEOPLE change. And that’s okay, good even. So my mind, my heart, my self has changed over the past ten years, and today I gave in and became…a SOCCER MOM. ;)

Yes, it’s just Upward (church, no scores, participation trophies all around), but watching Emma Vance get excited about playing and competing made my heart soar at today’s “evaluations.” At the end of what the girls called “try-outs” ;), we told E.V. and Cricket that they had made the team, and they were ecstatic. And so was I. Reveling in the excitement of watching your child enjoy themselves, handing off a water bottle to a rosy-cheeked babe, remembering the familiar feeling from long ago of pulling off those sweaty socks post-practice, seeing the tiniest shin-guards you could ever imagine, feeling true joy when your child feels successful…totally worth swallowing my former twenty-something pride. ;)

Here’s to soccer momming it up! Cheers!

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