Sophie + Pippi Longstocking

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Sometimes the most satisfying art isn’t commissioned. Sure, it’s great to help someone realize their vision, to come along side a person and turn their imagination into something everyone can see. However, over the years I’ve found that the most enjoyment comes from projects that are 100% my own — my ideas, my vision, my execution, my timeline. The best feeling in the world is surprising someone with a piece of art that they didn’t even know was in the works!

Today Emma Vance’s friend, Sophie, had a fabulous bunny-themed birthday party at one of our favorite venues in downtown Roswell, Farmhouse in the City. Sophie’s mom, my friend Katy, is one of a kind for sure — fun, creative, outgoing, vibrant…and really into handmade things. Her daughter’s wardrobe is to die for, not to mention her ginormous bow collection, and most of what she owns is from fabulous handmade shops on IG. The Hirshels are such a special family to us, I wanted to give Sophie (and Katy, haha) something unique and meaningful for her birthday. I wracked my brain, and eventually landed on the idea of illustrating Sophie with a character her mom loves, Pippi Longstocking. I figured it was a way to celebrate both of them in an unexpected and whimsical manner. I hope Sophie (and Katy) enjoy seeing this piece in their fabulous home and that it always reminds them of how much we love their family! ;)

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