Stuffie Picnic

After last week was so very crummy (returning from Spring Break to homeschooling did not go smoothly to say the least), I have been determined to have a better time this week — and so I have. And so we have. Thankgoodness. 

Part of us having a better week means that I’m trying to say yes more (Cricket’s request) and to inject some memorable moments to break up the monotony (my request). (E.V.’s request was to be able to play Minecraft, which for now is still a no, haha!)

As a result of sharing our “requests” for the week, the girls got together and came up with the idea to have a Stuffie Picnic for dinner tonight, so I said yes. The girls each got to make a list of foods for me to get at the grocery store and I didn’t argue. I got cute paper plates (because our dishwasher is STILL broken, sigh) and new beach towel to eat on. We baked and prepped all day, and they kept asking if it was dinnertime yet. We’ve really been missing having things to anticipate around here during quarantine. And when it was time, we sat out on our porch (because the yard is muddy), snacked on the food we’d worked on all day, played some music — and it was just what we needed.

It’s amazing as parents how much we set the tone for our family. As I’ve adjusted my attitude and expectations, as I’ve run after fun and closeness, as I’ve been upbeat and patient — I’ve seen the same characteristics in my girls. I’m continually reminded that I have to hold myself to a higher standard than I hold them to — and that if I want them to say yes to me, I have to say yes to them, too. 

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