Sunday Seven 2018 (Weeks 48-52)

335 / 365: DANCE PARTY!

336 / 365: All the Shove ladies are excited to see E.V.’s ballet school buddies dance in The Nutcracker!

337 / 365: A little sleepy-eyed, bed-headed, early morning Christmas card making for Cricket today.

338 / 365: I know him! I know him!

339 / 365: Cricket is teaching us all how to make a nativity from clay, and I have to say, I’m impressed!

340 / 365: Cricket takes ballet on Thursdays after school in this sweet home, and clearly she is pumped to be headed to dance class.

341 / 365: Emma Vance helps her teacher sell their class’s homemade ornaments at ICSAtlanta’s annual Holiday Market Night.

342 / 365: Emma Vance makes “custom” money-holders for her cousin’s Christmas gifts. Inside, the labels read “mony,” haha!

343 / 365: Cricket, just chillin’ with her Starbucks while watching Food Network. #facepalm

344 / 365: Oh, man. This full face of makeup is headed to preschool, lipstick-ed teeth and all. She feels beautiful, so I’m not arguing.

345 / 365: Our sifter broke mid-cookie making, so we’re improvising with a noodle strainer.

346 / 365: Miss Stephanie reads the girls a story as Ryan and I slip out the door to our weekly small group.

347 / 365: E.V. has been practicing for the first grade wax museum next week, and today was the dress rehearsal. It went well!

348 / 365: It’s Pajama Day in Pre-K. (And look at the creative Christmas tree that Cricket’s class made!)

349 / 365: Ryan and I are dressed up (for once!) for our small group Christmas dinner, and all we want is a picture to commemorate our fanciness…but that doesn’t mean the girls will let us take a picture on our own, haha!

350 / 365: This sweet girl is going to be such a good mommy one day.

351 / 365: There’s our awesome little Sacagawea, spouting off facts in French at the first grade wax museum. Clearly, we are so proud!

352 / 365: E.V.’s class cheers one another on as the play an unwrapping game at their winter party.

353 / 365: Cricket shows off her melted snowman ornament from her class Christmas party.

354 / 365: Cricket’s first ballet recital was soooo adorable!

355 / 365: I got a block of clay for a project, so the girls have been making all sorts of fun things this month — including a winking eye head with big lips, haha!

356 / 365: Tonight was supposed to be a spa night, but these animal -themed face masks are terrifying, haha! I think next time we’ll go back to good ol’ mud.

357 / 365: Santa Brunch!

358 / 365: Post-Mexican dinner, we’re honoring our Christmas Eve tradition of placing an ornament on the big tree in downtown Alpharetta.

359 / 365: IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! (And the girls have gotten more LOL toys than I knew existed.)

360 / 365: Playing with all those new toys.

361 / 365: Cricket and E.V. play in the last of the leaves after ballet class.

362 / 365: My aspiring sous chef can chop a mean mushroom.

363 / 365: Cricket is constantly packing up fake lunches, making her own “trail mix” and recipes, setting up parties (basically making a mess and wasting food), but how can I be mad at this sweet girls’ creativity? (Today she is planning an imaginary picnic.)

364 / 365: #fashion

365 / 365: That’s a wrap, 2018!

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