Sunday’s Seven 2017 (Weeks 1 + 2)


1 / 365: Happy New Year! Apparently E.V. isn’t impressed with our Whole30 snacking options. #resolutions


2 / 365: The girls just want to play with Daddy’s micro machines, but he wants to categorize and organize them. (Insert light-hearted eye roll here.)


3 / 365: A hearty Whole30 breakfast the girls can enjoy!


4 / 365: Papadon, aka Grumpy Gramps, stops by to visit and read the girls “Claude the Dog,” a book he actually enjoys (probably because one of the dogs is named Bummer). ;)


5 / 365: In a week spent experimenting with letting the girls dress themselves, we have gotten a lot of ideas about toddler fashion. Today, Preschool in Paris.


6 / 365: Emma Vance composes her own song, an ode to impending snow.


7 / 2017: SNOW DAY!


8 / 365: SneakingĀ in on our neighborhood girls playing with my littles. So. Cute.


9 / 365: Being TV-free this month is exhausting. Mostly for me, but also for them.


10 / 365: This about sums up our playdate today. Ha!


11 / 365: The girls throw a birthday party for Baby Belle, and all the baby dolls are invited.


12 / 365: The tantrum to end all tantrums (about her outfit, which she chose…and changed…about four times). Also, today is the day I decided to apply for an elementary school based on the use of uniforms! Coincidence? No.


13 / 14: It isn’t easy being the dog to a family of girls, but this guy does it with style.


14 / 365: Grumpy Gramps stops by and the girls show off with a dance performance to “Moana” songs. I haven’t seen this grin in a loooong time, and it feels good!

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