Sunday’s Seven (Week 15)

NO1_6086 (1)

102 / 365: These two bathing beauties rocked their swim test today! Next stop, swim lessons!

NO1_6151 (1)

103 / 365: Scootering to get the mail — wait, that’s not normal?? ;)

NO1_6153 (1)

104 / 365: Cricket sleeping in E.V.’s room…with E.V.’s toys…in E.V.’s pajamas. Typical little sister!

NO1_6176 (1)

105 / 365: I’m the happiest mommy ever spending time with E.V. at preschool for Moms’ Moments!


106 / 365: (Road trip to NASHVILLE!) Emma Vance and Cricket enjoy the sunny skies, strawberry popsicles and friendly townies after a long drive into town.

NO1_6467 (1)

107 / 365: The girls hope to see a “unicorn and koala bear” at the Nashville Zoo…but the monkeys, flamingoes and giraffes do well enough to make everyone happy. ;)


108 / 365: Sunday brunch and a stroll in downtown Franklin is the perfect way to start our last day in this city we adore.

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