Sunday’s Seven (Week 17)


116 / 365: Emma Vance and Cricket wait by the indoor pool for E.V.’s first swim lesson of the year.

NO1_7340 (1)

117 / 365: Yia Yia surprises the girls with an elephant sprinkler, and fun ensues…especially because it’s HOT out!

NO1_7359 (1)

118 / 365: The neighborhood girls happen to come by while we’re making dinner, and I’m thankful that we have a few extra pizza crusts on hand!

NO1_7378 (1)

119 / 365: Oscar is slowly adjusting to being the only dog in the family, and the girls are making sure to give him lots of extra attention. ;)

NO1_7253 (1)

120 / 365: Paint chalk? Genius!


121 / 365: It’s our first House-iversary! Happy homeownership!

NO1_7489 (1)

122 / 365: Emma Vance “shows off” during her first ever preschool Spring Sing…maybe a bit too much! ;)

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