Sunday’s Seven (Week 24)


165 / 365: It’s Under the Sea Week at preschool camp, and Emma Vance plays with her beloved octopus (who is blind since his googly eyes fell off).


166 / 365: Cricket has been dress-up-obsessed lately. (She lacks no confidence in her style choices, that’s for sure!)


167 / 365: Cricket insists on dressing like Tinker Bell for camp. Thankfully I convinced her to wear real clothes underneath. ;)


168 / 365: YiaYia left us a “Finding Dory” scavenger hunt in anticipation of the big premier tomorrow!


169 / 365: On our way to see “Finding Dory” with Papadon — shopping cart and all!


170 / 365: Emma Vance and a friend use our Elsa-themed art set on a playdate to make some beautiful pictures…of Elsa of course!


171 / 365: Happy Father’s Day, Ryan!

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