Sunday’s Seven (Week 35)


242 / 365: Cricket is iPhone OBSESSED, and today she’s pretending it’s her “baby.” Yikes! ;)


243 / 365: It may be rainy, but E.V. wants to rock her shiny kicks + leopard dress. I don’t argue.


244 / 365: Lunchin’ with Great Grandma Vance!


245 / 365: Emma Vance is clearly proud of her cutting test, which will be used as a benchmark for her progress all year long.(Not too shabby, kid!)


246 / 365: Daddy has the Doc McStuffins theme song down pat, and Cricket always requests he play it “so she can dance.” Happy Friday night!


247 / 365: Happy first game day of the year! GO DAWGS!


248 / 365: Summer is beginning to wane, but we are still poolin’ until the kick us out for the winter!

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