Sunday’s Seven (Week 39)

What an week full of incredible emotion. It started with my mother coming to my house to do home health after nearly a month in the hospital; we celebrated Ryan’s 35th; my mother was rushed back to the hospital in pain; she passed; and we went on our annual small group family retreat (more on that later). I haven’t stopped thinking about my mom, about the last few months, constantly, but for now I’m just trying to regroup and give my girls some happy memories while I try to grieve on my own time.


263 / 365: Getting a little one-on-one time with my sweet E.V. at her favorite place, Starbucks.


264 / 365: Happy 35th birthday, Ryan! We are headed to a schmancy dinner — and I’m not wearing gym clothes!


265 / 365: Oh, just Ryan and E.V. skating and scooting through the ‘hood. No big. #dadlife


266 / 365: Ryan is the best dad, seriously. Who else would play hilarious Barbies at 7 a.m.?


267 / 365: The worst day. The day my mother passes on.


268 / 365: Ryan helps the girls scramble up the rock face of a waterfall on our small group’s annual mountain weekend hike.


269 / 365: To cap off a weekend spent with friends in the mountains, we’ve stopped to pick apples in the North Georgia mountains.

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  1. Sara White
    September 26, 2016 / 7:54 am

    My heart is overwhelmed for you! I am so sorry for your family’s loss!!
    I want to bring you a meal, do any of you have food allergies?
    When would be a good time?
    Praying Peace over your heart!!
    Sara White & Family

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