Sunday’s Seven (Week 47)


326 / 365: Emma Vance gets her first haircut EVER!!


327 / 365: The girls wrap up the family’s Christmas presents. (Nowhere near perfect, but I’ll take the free labor!)


328 / 365: Post-bath I have one child who wants to be a grown-up and another who wants to be a baby, which works out for playing pretend sometimes. ;)


329 / 365: The Aquilios spend their first low-key Thanksgiving (lunch) together without Mom.


330 / 365: We’re spending Black Friday avoiding the crowds by decorating for Christmas (and our sitter, Miss Stephanie, is helping the girls with their playroom).


331 / 365: Emma Vance LOVES helping out lately, so she’s washing the fruit from our grocery trip, and, man, is she a thorough apple-drier!


332 / 365: We may have to put Cricket in CMA (Chocolate Milk-aholics Anonymous) soon. ;)

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