Sunday’s Seven (Weeks 20 + 21)

Gah. I thought summers were supposed to be slow and lazy?? Apparently things have changed since I was a kid. ;) We finished up our preschool year strong, headed to Florida for a long weekend, had a week’s worth of swim lessons, survived Week One of our gym’s killer bootcamp and hosted our neighborhood’s inaugural pool party already, so, yeah, it’s going to be a busy summer around here! ;)

Week 20


137 / 365: A little post-preschool picnic with Yia Yia at the school playground!

NO1_8081 (1)

138 / 365: E.V.’s class visits the local firehouse for a tour, and she’s considering a future career as a firefighter — as long as sliding down that fire pole is in the job description. ;)


139 / 365: School’s out for SUMMER! (Goodbye 3s, hello PRE-K!)


140 / 365: Since it’s the first day of summer break, my mom and I have carted the girls to Florida for a few days to visit my grandmother — who has LOTS of chameleons in her yard for the girls to try and lure into their cup, haha!


141 / 365: Emma Vance and Yia Yia take in the sights on the Winter Park chain of lakes.


142 / 365: The girls crash Great Grandma Vance’s regular Saturday hair appointment to get their hair “dressed” as well.


143 / 365: It’s the last full day at Great Grandma Vance’s, so we had to ask our waiter to take the traditional multi-generational photo. ;)


Week 21


144 / 365: Emma Vance shows off a surprise she made for me, a collection of drawings of some really neat things (including a cherry and a mouse!).

NO1_8656 (1)

145 / 365: Cricket waits in the baby pool for her turn while Emma Vance takes swim lessons in the grown-up pool.


146 / 365: This is what we refer to as “The Goo Face,” a Cricket signature smile. (In other news, I have lost all control of my children’s wardrobes. This concoction reminds me of a 70s basketball player…wearing a pink crown.)


147 / 365: The kids in the neighborhood go door-to-door handing out flyers for the upcoming Memorial Day party. (Emma Vance is advertising that it’s a pool party, of course.)


148 / 365: Helping the neighbors’ kid “decorate” their patio. Ummm…oops? ;)


149 / 365: Ryan fills up water balloons at our inaugural neighborhood Memorial Day pool party!


150 / 365: It’s been a long week, so Cricket chills in her crib to unwind with a little Princess Play-Doh on my phone…surrounded by her besties of course.


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