The Life of Frankenstein (Preschool Trunk or Treat 2018)

Our preschool Trunk or Treat experience is typically characterized by last-minute random costumes and madness. This year was no exception.

For our last :( Trunk or Treat, Emma Vance bemoaned all her outfit choices (about an hour before the event she decided to be a ghost from Disney’s Haunted Mansion and then was upset that I didn’t have a hoop skirt and fancy wig sitting around to fulfill her every dream) and eventually put together some sort of semblance of a bat. (Hey, she was happy, so I was happy!) Cricket, on the other hand, had a very distinct idea of who to be and how to put her look together.

I’m the life of Frankenstein on a date.

(Do you mean “wife?”)

No, the LIFE of Frankenstein. Lllllife.

(Well, okay…)

I’m pretty much sure that it’s not Halloween in Cricket’s eyes if she doesn’t get to paint her skin some sort of ghoulish color, and since they read a book about Frankenstein at school the day of Trunk or Treat, green was on her mind. ;) She chose her outfit + hairstyle, then asked for a gangrenous skin tone + stitches…and, well, I obliged. It’s her world, I’m just living in it! Thankfully I bought green stage makeup a few years ago when the girls were Elphaba and Glinda, and, man, have I gotten my money’s worth! (And, at the very least, it was easy to spot a tiny green monster amid the crowded madness — especially considering most girls were dressed up as unicorns, princesses and fairies, haha!)

Happy Halloween!

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