Tinker Bell Valentine (Free Download)

NO1_0048Emma Vance has a full-fledged obsession with Tinker Bell these days, so with Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured it was an obvious choice to use her favorite fairy to wish her friends a happy day filled with love.

Since E.V.’s preschool class has only eight toddlers in it, I didn’t want to get stuck with a ton of leftover Tinker Bell Valentines, so I opted to skip the boxed version in favor of something homemade. Plus, let’s be honest, isn’t that more fun? Well, at least for me it is! I’ve been working on my calligraphy skills (still have a looong way to go!), so I wrote out our favorite fairy mantra and then traced a silhouette of Tink to create the actual valentine. I was quick to grab the glue and glitter…and then thought better of it! Ryan HATES glitter because it never seems to go away–which I agree with. (We’re still finding little sparkly specks around the house from E.V.’s first birthday.) Thankfully I had some leftover glitter paper in my art supplies, which gave a different effect than I had intended, but I figure the moms will thank me instead of curse me come this Friday. (Who wants a kid covered in glitter anyway?Since my social media feeds seems to be telling me that candy is a no-no these days (Oh, how times have changed!), I added a page of Doc McStuffins stickers to the back. (E.V.’s other obsession.)

Overall the project cost me $2. Not bad, right? Plus, I was able to use some of my craft stash, which is always good, especially since I have a lot! Once her classes get to bigger sizes, I’m sure we’ll use store-bought valentines, but for now, while I’m feeling inspired and only have to make seven of them, this was a quick and fun project to get us ready for the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities.

Want to join us in spreading the pixie dust this Friday? Click here to download your very own Tinker Bell valentine: Summer Saturdays_Tinkerbell Valentine

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