To School

I know, I know. But everybody else is doing it, so… ;)

I thought to name this post “Back to School” (which would seem logical), but since it’s E.V.’s first time ever going to school, “To School” captured the day more accurately. :)

Ryan and I had talked about sending Emma Vance to preschool when she turned 18 months old, mostly because it seemed to be the age at which all of our local preschools’ classes began. However, when a friend of mine emailed me that her little girl was attending a 1s class (from 12 to 18 month olds) at a nearby church preschool and that there was one spot left, I was intrigued. We snatched up that last spot at the last minute, and (excited first-time-mom moment) today was E.V.’s first day!

The 1s class is only one day a week for three hours, and it’s almost like an “Intro to Preschool” class. I figured that it was a good way to break her in for next year’s real preschool schedule, a great way for my social child to be around other one year olds, and an enticing way for me to get some “stuff” done without a child clinging to me (read: FREEDOM!). The class does “gradual entry,” which means that today we went for one hour with the kids, next week they’ll go alone for two hours, and then finally the third week will start the normal schedule. This system was great because although E.V. was perfectly happy to play without me, I got to see her happiness firsthand and to meet some of the other parents in the class. Plus, let’s be honest, this whole “gradual entry” method just as much for the moms as it is the kids. :)

This morning, of course, Emma Vance woke up at 5:30 a.m., ready and rarin’ to go (MY child, who woke up early due to first day of school excitement). We were up for an hour before she finally decided it really wasn’t time to get up, and then, when the alarm finally did go off at 7:45, I couldn’t wake the dang kid up (RYAN’s child, who begs for “one more snooze alarm” and feigns sickness to stay home from school).

When I finally was able to rouse her, I got a good look at her hair. Dear Lord, what happened to my child in her crib last night!?! Seriously, this was Ramona Quimby-level bad hair. (Which she thought was HILARIOUS. Me? Not so much.) I got myself ready in record time and spent what should  have been our first day of school picture-taking time trying to wrangle the hair-tastrophe in as much as possible. (Don’t worry, we got her pictures post-preschool, and, shhh, no one will ever know. Except for that I just told you. Dang. Oh, well, now the whole jig is up, and you know I’m not perfect. Ha!)

After a morning full of debacles, I’m glad to say that E.V. had an awesome FIRST first day of school! Emma Vance has never been shy or tearful at my absence, but you never know with a new environment, meaning that a morning full of fun and free of crying was a win. E.V. was like a fish in water, happy to explore a new place with new faces. There were toys and kids and crayons, snack time and books and nice teachers–and we even peeked in on a music class on our way out. The only hitch is that she has to learn not to put things in her mouth :/, which was a rule she tested over and over and over today. Oops, we haven’t really crossed that bridge yet in our home…sorry about that! {insert anxious laughter as I pull a crayon out of her mouth for the FIFTH time in an hour}

I’m sure in the future there will be a few days where she cries as I drop her off, or, let’s be honest, days where I  cry as I drop her off, but I can honestly say that I’m so excited for her to be transitioning into her own person with her own experiences. Now, if I could only guarantee that she’ll love school as much as I did (and not take after her dad in the area of academics, ahem), we’ll be all set. :)

“Why are we UP, Mom???”
THIS hair. Oh. My. Goodness.

We did it! Ready on time. Well, kind of.


I’m trying to not post pictures of other people’s kids, bur really? How could I resist this one? Adorable!
I wonder what E.V.’s favorite preschool activity will be? ;)
We celebrated a successful first day with a Mommy-Daughter date at CPK.

Oh, and back to that whole first-day-of-school-picture-thing…yeah. Not. So. Easy. :)

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