Toddler Thanksgiving

Yup, that’s about right.

What is Toddler Thanksgiving?

Well, in a nutshell, Toddler Thanksgiving is madness. Pure, unadulterated (pun intended) MADNESS.

In all actuality, it’s a Thanksgiving-themed play date complete with crafts, favors and a Thanksgiving-ish lunch…and lots of tiny toddlers ransacking the poor hostess’ house. :) We celebrated Toddler Thanksgiving today with a few of Emma Vance’s friends, and I have to say I was unprepared for the meltdowns, the yelling, the injuries, the sudden fear of paint (my child!) and the mess. However, it was also SUPER fun, as evidenced by E.V.’s falling asleep within 10 seconds of being clicked into her carseat. Whew.

My contribution to the play date was rather tame (in Talie terms)–just some cupcakes. Some store bought cupcakes. (Shhhh! Don’t tell!) I had visions of grandeur when it came to my dessert responsibilities; cupcakes had been requested, and my plans included decorations that would’ve surely taken twice as long as the actual baking would have. However, after dinner last night I had a moment of panic as I realized that Toddler Thanksgiving was in the morning. (How did that sneak up on me so quickly? I blame vacation.) I ventured out into the cold night to pick up baking supplies, but upon wandering through the bakery section of Publix, I thought, “What the heck? Who cares? Certainly not the kids…” Resolved that I don’t have to do everything super-creatively, I grabbed a dozen pre-done cupcakes and called my duties completed. It worked out well, considering the toddlers spent most of the play-and-craft time begging to eat the cupcakes, although I did NOT think through the yellow and orange frosting very well. It ended up everywhere, including staining E.V.’s white top. ;) Oh, well. Next year, sugar cookies…that is, IF we lose our minds and opt embrace the madness again! :)

(E.V.’s is the incomplete one on the left because she all of a sudden developed a fear of paint. Go figure.)

Aw. The littlest turkey!

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