Too Tutu


Emma Vance is so silly and funny these days — and particular. As her little personality grows, I love seeing more and more of who she truly is, and it’s becoming apparent that E.V. has a lot of opinions (strong opinions) about everything from food to fashion.

With her recent obsessions with both dress up and ballet, it should come as no surprise that 90% of the time E.V. wants to wear a tutu. (The other 10% of the time she’s in the bathtub, usually complaining about my not letting her wear shoes and her Lalaloopsy watch in the water.) In fact, she is so convinced that she is a ballerina that she refuses to leave the house without her tutu on. (And can I blame her? I mean, she *might* be “discovered” one day in public so she has to be ready at all times, right??) At first it was cute and didn’t impact us much; I’d just let her wear a tutu and shirt out (that’s a thing, right?). However, when it comes to situations where there’s any type of socially appropriate dress code, we’re in trouble. So far the best I can manage is to allow her to wear her tutu under her normal outfit, meaning that she’s worn it over jeans, with rompers and under dresses, including today to school.

This particular outfit was a source of a lot of discussion this morning — and a lot of compromise. I managed to talk her down from the oversized, multicolored tutu and ballet slippers to a slightly smaller tutu and boots (hidden Elsa socks did the trick there). We walked into school looking like we had a full-on crinoline slip on, and, well, I suppose that’s a look of some sort…and then the question is begged: How much is too tutu? The correct answer is, “There’s never too much tutu for an undercover ballerina.” #true ;)

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