Toothing Woes


See that little white bump where the gum is being pushed on by that dang tooth? My poor baby!

Oh, the woes of teething!

Let me just start by saying, I’m no dummy. This isn’t my first rodeo; teething isn’t new territory for me to navigate blindly. However, I’ve NEVER dealt with a tooth that’s as big of a pain in the butt mouth like the one Cricket’s working on right now. I mean, for. the. love.

So far Cricket has her bottom two front teeth, and it seems like she’s been working on the top ones for an insane amount of time (like maybe since Thankgiving-ish??). It’s gotten to the point where I can actually see the outline of her top right tooth pressing out of her gum, but it just can’t seem to break through. Over the past two days she’s been snotty and had the worst diapers and is complaining incessantly — and the other day she literally slept every other hour of the day she was so miserable! (Cricket’s never ever done anything like that in the past 10 months — not even after vaccines.) It was as if every time she awoke the pain was too unbearable and falling back asleep was her only escape. My poor baby! Medicine doesn’t seem to be helping, and although she’ll gnaw on frozen items a little bit, I’m pretty sure that her gum is too sensitive to even touch right now because she’s rejecting all her normal teethers and being rather tight-lipped. :(

Never in my three years of motherhood have I experienced a tooth this stubborn. In fact, it’d be one thing if she was so pitiful because lots of teeth were coming in at once, but it’s one tooth. (One PESKY tooth!) I was thinking out loud to Cricket today and realized as I spoke that we don’t have teething woes around here, we have toothing woes — ha! ;)

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