Unaccomplished v. Exhausted


Today is the last day of the girls’ preschool summer camp, and I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I thought I would be able to accomplish SO much more than I did during these past two weeks without them. However, most days I spent managing contractors and trying to contain the chaos so that our house didn’t totally fall apart. (Key word: “try.” Yeesh.) I had envisioned unpacking all our boxes during Week One and crafting E.V.’s birthday party during Week Two. I accomplished neither. And I’m trying not to panic. I have to remember that I only have 24 hours in a day…and that 23.5 of them are devoted to the two littles begging for my attention. The other .5 is devoted to enjoying mindless time perusing social media and Pinterest, which is necessary in order to survive the other 23.5. ;)

In that way, I’m definitely NOT ready for camp to be over. I feel way too unaccomplished for it to end quite yet.

On the other hand, when Emma Vance almost fell asleep in her teacher’s arms during an activity on Tuesday, I got the feeling that the exhaustion was catching up with her. When she got carsick on the way to camp on Wednesday and then proceeded to sleep the whole day away, I knew it had finally caught up with her. This morning she awoke refreshed and excited (especially since she got to wear the spin-art t-shirt they made earlier in the week), I was relieved that she’d be able to enjoy her last day of camp (and I to enjoy my last day of freedom). She was a happy camper when I dropped her off this morning, but based on the bags under her eyes, I know that we’ll be taking a heavy-duty nap this afternoon.

In that way, I’m definitely ready for camp to be over. A toddler can only take exert so much energy before needing a break!

We’ve got an Under the Sea Ballet camp coming up, and I’ve been looking for a VBS or something else along those lines to help keep us busy this summer. However, for the next week or two, I think we’ll just enjoy walks to see the cranes and construction in our new neighborhood, play in the contractors’ mess in our own home, and splash at the pool as often as possible. ;) Summer is in full swing!

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