When It Rains on the Fourth of July…

Happy Fourth of July!

Awww. One year ago, with our one-week-old!

Well, it’s been raining off and on here in Atlanta all day, so we’ve had to adjust our big Fourth of July plans. We skipped the barbecue, the fireworks, the day lounging in the sun…and opted to enjoy the rain.

This morning Emma Vance and I suited up to play in the yard amongst the raindrops. Since Dada had bought E.V. bubbles that turn magenta when they pop and Mama was in need of a special rainy day activity, we added “blow bubbles” to our soggy agenda. At first E.V. was very, very confused–until she caught a bubble in her hand (and simultaneously with her eyeball, but that didn’t deter her excitement)! Then it was on, and as we played, she even picked up a wand and tried pitifully to blow bubbles herself. (Let’s just say she needs some practice.) By the end, she was successfully saying, “Bubble!” and covered in magenta soap.

Then E.V. had an early bath (that was as full of pink bubble solution as it was grass and dirt), and when we were all cleaned up, we headed to lunch, where Emma Vance commandeered all the attention of the waitresses and patrons. (Go figure.) After a long afternoon nap (Yesss!), E.V. had a lovely dinner of organic “Spaghettios” with the tomato sauce washed off, because, well, this is ‘Merica, where you can have what you want, when you want it, how you want it. :) We visited Nanny, had a rare baby-free dinner out, and came home as the skies began to really open up.

A year ago today I was spending my first night alone with Emma Vance; I was exhausted, emotional and terrified. This year, as E.V. falls asleep peacefully in her nursery, Ryan and I are settling in for a quiet night together with the sound of fireworks crackling in the background…sigh. I guess time doesn’t take away those weepy feelings after all…

(Oscar always has to photo bomb.)
“The ground it soggy, Mom…”
“…and it’s RAINING!”
Let the fun begin!

Whew. That was a close one!
“My turn!”

(She cleans up nicely.)
“These Spaghettios don’t have s-s-sauce on them, do they, Mom?”
“Of course, not, Dear. I love you so much I’d even WASH SPAGHETTIOS for you.”
“Bye, bye, Fourth of July! See you next year!”

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