Wookie Christmas / Dear God, She’s Mobile!

My sweet family, all cozied up!

This morning I awoke early with E.V. with a mental to-do list a mile long. Ryan, on the other hand, is a little more relaxed when it comes to our daily schedule, so he slept in a bit longer than the baby and I did. In fact, instead of nagging him to get up with me, I tried a devious ploy: When E.V. took her morning nap, I settled her into our bed next to Ryan. (So precious.) I whispered that he needed to get up with her when she awoke, knowing that she’s a consistent 45-minute napper. Well, the joke was on me today because Emma Vance slept almost TWO HOURS! Seriously? :) I suppose it was her Christmas gift to her dad…

TODAY you choose to sleep two hours? Really? :)

When she awoke, she was extra happy and chirpy (and rested!), and as I tried to feed her, all she wanted to do was talk. Wookie talk, to be exact. I figured she was practicing her carols for tonight. Wondering how to say “Merry Christmas!” in Wookie? Here’s a little tutorial (and, yes, I chimed in too!):

Then, as Ryan headed out the door with my Honey Do List, I watched as E.V. demonstrated her “crawling” skills. Last night we officially discovered that she can reverse crawl as we watched the monitor and laughed at her backing her thang up all over her crib instead of going to sleep. This afternoon she demonstrated that rolling over and┬áreverse crawling can amount to being officially mobile, and I couldn’t help but be entertained by her efforts to reach her Christmas gifts. (To her credit, I didn’t mark them “Don’t open until Christmas,” so she had the right to be curious.) Time to baby proof the house! Too bad I forgot to put “outlet covers” on my Christmas list this year…

“I bet I can get to that Christmas tree on my own, Mom…”

middle of a reverse crawl tactic

(and she got distracted…)

“I’m getting closer!”

“Those presents are in my sight!”

“What?!? NOW you tell me I have to wait until tomorrow?”

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