World’s Tallest Baby, NOT (Cricket’s 6 Mo Dr Appt)


So we had Cricket’s six month check up last week just before she turned seven months. (I know I’m OCD, but that drives me crazy! Ha! I suppose it’s worth it to see our doctor of choice. ;) ) Everything was fairly normal; Cricket was her usual sunny self, showing off for the doctor and nurses, and cried just a little bit after her shots. It’s fascinating to see the differences in the girls’ personalities even when it comes to dealing with pain — After her shots, E.V. would cry and cry and cry, then sleep for a whole day to forget her woes; Cricket cries for about two seconds, then is like, “Okay, I’m all better. Where’s the party?” Both of them have been awesome babies, but Cricket is a little easier, I do have to say. (Sorry, Emma Vance! Don’t worry, you were great, too, I swear!)

The only bump in the road for the appointment was when it came to Cricket’s height. The pediatrician walked in with a furrowed brow (never good), and then as she began spouting off information related to the measurements the nurse had taken, she said, “I’d like to have her remeasured, but…” and then proceeded to explain that her height had jumped to the 90TH PERCENTILE. Yeesh. My kids are chubby and big headed, but tall they are not. There was some initial talk about what that jump could’ve meant, what some next steps would be (monitoring, testing), yadayada. Once we had discussed all the “what ifs,” the nurse came back to remeasure Cricket. Oops! They had accidentally written down that she was a full inch taller than she was. {insert sigh of relief} After that little fiasco, I was happy to have my short baby back on track!

As for stats, little Crickie is following in her big sister’s footsteps: She’s chubby (16.4 lbs/60th percentile), big headed (43.7cm/90th percentile) and after much debate :) average-ish height (26 inches/75th percentile).

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