18 Weeks Pregnant

Oh, the kicking! I had forgotten how comforting and exciting it is!

Baby #2 started during the UGA v. Tennessee game a few weeks ago, which was much, much earlier than the first time I was pregnant (about 15 weeks v. 21 weeks). In fact, it was SO much earlier that I thought maybe it was just my nerves (the game went into overtime) and didn’t mention it to Ryan. However, in the past few weeks this little active baby has made him- or herself very apparent, kicking me every evening just to say, “Goodnight, Mom!” and knocking my bladder constantly, resulting in many trips to the restroom. (Oh, joy!) Regardless of the potty breaks, though, I love the feeling of this little one’s little feet dancing around in my belly, reminding me that everything’s growing just fine in there. :) Kick on, kid, kick on!

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