20 Week Appointment

Teasing me from our junk drawer…

Last Friday we had our “20 week” appointment (which was more like 20-weeks-6-days, which, until I got pregnant, I never really thought mattered; in fact I always wondered when asked how far along a mom was why they didn’t just say “5 months,” but apparently it’s a big deal).  Everything went really well; I had expected something to go wrong because everyone had warned me that something almost always comes up at this appointment, meriting another check up.  But we had a great time, a great ultrasound tech, and a quick catch-up with the doctor about our previous worries, and we were done!

Now everyone keeps asking us if this kid’s a boy or girl, and the answer is–yes, we’re finding out, but no, we don’t know yet. I know that sounds crazy, but we’ve decided to do a Gender Reveal, and because of some scheduling snafus, we’re doing it on March 3rd. Seriously, March 3rd might as well be a year away considering how anxious I feel every time I look at THE envelope!  Since we’re really just sitting in limbo (we can’t register, or decorate the nursery, or shop for clothes yet), I’ve been channeling all of my energy into crafting and planning and anything creative I can get my hands on…and I’m thankful Ryan has been so great to not roll his eyes too much at me. :)

20 weeks, 6 days–right on target!

Sidenote: Ultrasounds are amazing to me. Until I had my own, I (truthfully) never got that “Awww!” feeling about anyone else’s, but there’s something about actually seeing the baby move in real time (not just a picture print-out) that elicits a total adrenaline rush. I have a really hard time sitting still and not laughing during them! From this profile pic, I think this kid’s got the Aquilio nose…

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