27 Weeks

27 weeks down, 13ish to go!

So this post is actually for last week…just a little late!

The biggest update I have (besides the fact that I feel like I’m growing a GIANT baby; Ryan was a HUGE baby, and from the looks of my belly, this girl is taking after him!) is that my stomach has started to visibly take on odd shapes.  Weird…

Since first being able to feel her kick, I’ve also been able to see her kick, but my belly’s always been basically round.  This week it’s looking lopsided, and I can see her hands and feet really poke out when she moves.  Last night (or should I say “this morning,” since I couldn’t really sleep), she also did a BIG move that felt like my insides were trying to rearrange themselves.  I can’t really say that it was a pleasant feeling, but perhaps she was just getting me back for keeping her up so late. :)

OH! And this morning Ryan FINALLY caught one of her kicks! We’ve been joking that she’s already got him wrapped around her little finger because every time he goes to feel her move, she stops.  And then he waits, and eventually gives up, and then she kicks.  Every time–until this morning! Yay!

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