39 Weeks

39 weeks down, a few days to go!

The baby’s officially due on Saturday, but I must admit that I’m not anxious for her to be here quite yet. I feel like I’m supposed to be eager and excited and hopeful that it will be sooner rather than later, but I’m just not at that point yet. In fact, every morning I wake up and think to myself, “Yesss! One more day of freedom!” (Isn’t that terrible? Ha!) I suspect that it’s the sense of impending LIFE CHANGE that’s making me want to soak up every final moment of non-parenthood, but at this point, I’ll take the swelling and soreness and discomfort for as long as God will give me. :)

So, no, I’m not eating spicy foods or drinking castor oil or any of that nonsense quite yet. In fact, I’ll be avoiding those things at least until Saturday (and perhaps a bit beyond!). I’m interested to see what my doctor says on Thursday, whether she makes me talk about an induction plan or lets me just go with the flow if I’m overdue. I have been avoiding the thoughts of induction this whole time, so let’s hope that this baby comes not-now-but-on-her-own. I mean, we’re ready, but we’re not ready, and so I’m just going to be thankful for these final days, which we’ll take one at a time!

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