A Crystal Ball into Ryan’s Future


Well, today started out with a bang. And by “bang” I mean “barf.”

Emma Vance’s Aunt Jayna is a student at the Paul Mitchell school here in Georgia, and they had a charity event today themed around princesses. (Clearly we HAD to go!) I’m extremely punctual, so I had our morning planned out so that we’d be walking out the door at 10:25 sharp, dressed to the 9s and with full bellies. I was fully dressed and pulling on E.V.’s tights as she chewed on one of my chap sticks when she gagged. She recovered quickly but was a little upset, so I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom where Ryan was finishing getting ready. Emma Vance rested her head against mine, her tiny, open mouth on my cheek, and I looked at Ryan like, “What in the world is she doing?” Before the words could even get out of my mouth — BLECH! — barf everywhere. Yup, she barfed ON MY FACE, down my dress, in my hair and all over herself. Glad we chose spinach for her lunch…not! You know what, though? Sometimes you just have to take life in stride, so we had a quick laugh, jumped back into the shower, changed our outfits and decided that being a little late wasn’t that bad of choice this morning. :) (Curious to see my misery? Check it out on my Instagram @funnybeautifulblog, because, yes, Ryan’s initial reaction was to laugh and commemorate the moment — and I can’t blame him!)

Despite the slow start, we had SO much fun at the princess party! Emma Vance isn’t fully into princesses yet, so we translated the theme into “fairy princesses,” which meant “fairy wings,” which meant she was a happy camper. ;) Jayna did E.V.’s makeup (yay for pink lipstick!); she got her hair braided (which lasted about two minutes until a nice little girl tried to give her a sparkly princess crown); and she had her nails painted. I was a bit worried about the nail polish because I didn’t expect a 19-month-old to be able to sit still long enough for it to dry, but she was so intrigued by the colors that she was wiggle-free! True, she couldn’t choose just one color, but I think that rainbow nails are in, right? ;) Emma Vance loves being around people, so she ran around in true E.V.-style, dancing on stage, talking to other little girls and watching Tangled on the big screen. In fact, when we finally pulled her away to go re-fill her belly, she was so excited that she immediately passed out without a peep at lunch. (Does that make her Sleeping Beauty?)

At some point during the event, I looked at Ryan and warned him, “You know that this is what the next 18 years of your life is going to look like, right?” He just smiled and responded, “I’m ready.” And that’s why I love him.

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