A Rainy Day in (North) Georgia: Burt’s Pumpkin Farm 2015

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Well, our annual trip to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm had about one million things working against it happening today, but against the odds…we made it!

As we pulled up, of course, we were sad to see that the drizzling rain (which the weatherman had not predicted) seemed to have followed us from Alpharetta up to the North Georgia mountains. Since it was a Monday…not quite October yet…and raining, there were just a few cars in the parking lot, which was a good thing for us. (Burt’s is usually packed to the brim with people, which isn’t fun with wandering toddlers to watch over.) Ryan was taking a picture of us ladies before we went in when ***SURPRISE!!!*** a familiar face comes wandering out! What are the chances? Of about a dozen people wandering around Burt’s, half of them happened to be good friends of ours! Having another fun family there with us was such a great addition to our trip, especially because their kids are E.V. and Cricket’s ages. We got soaked, traipsed through mud, picked a couple pumpkins, chatted amongst the grown ups, watched the kids play around, jumped off hay bales (well, Emma Vance did–about a dozen times!) and left glad to have a silver lining to our cloudy, rainy trip. Next year maybe we’ll have to coordinate our families’ visits to Burt’s on purpose. ;)

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