Baby Laughs

Ryan NOT scaring and scarring our daughter…

Emma Vance is such a happy baby, and her laughter brings us laughter. We can’t get enough of her smiles, her sounds, her little baby jokes…it’s totally addictive, and I understand how parents can become obsessed with their kids so easily. Kids really do bring joy into the world, and Emma Vance seems to take her baby job quite seriously, or rather, not seriously (get it?).

Today, however, E.V. had a truly un-joyful moment. I had left Emma Vance with Ryan while I went to the gym, and when I came back, they were playing nicely together–for a moment. From across the room I heard a cackle from Ryan and then the saddest, loudest crying from E.V. I’ve ever heard. Turns out Ryan was trying to make her laugh but instead succeeded in scaring her. (I don’t think he’ll cackle at her ever again!) E.V. doesn’t really cry randomly, so it freaked me out and when I learned why she was so upset, it broke my heart a little bit. It was so honest and passionate and pitiful–a cry that we’ve never heard from her before. A little snuggling and she was fine, but even as she grinned afterward (“Mom, I admit I overreacted a bit…”), she still had tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. Sigh. That will never get easier, will it? Let’s just have a moment of relief in knowing that she won’t remember the first time someone scared her–or scarred her! :)

After the debacle, Ryan spent a little time making her laugh to make up for the innocent mistake. Love these guys…

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