Ballet Class + Ballerina Pancakes


Today we officially decided that next “semester” Emma Vance will be taking gymnastics. In the fall, we took The Music Class, this winter we’ve been taking ballet, and this spring we’re on to something new! I’m trying to take advantage of this age where Emma Vance can do weekday morning activities, and I’m trying to expose her to all sorts of things she might enjoy. Truthfully, I’m sure E.V. would be happy to continue on with ballet (because she’s clearly so disciplined and naturally talented that Juilliard will be calling any day now), but I get boooored and like to try new things. (Plus we really wanted to take the Fairy Princess Ballet class that’s for 3-5 year olds, but her teacher politely suggested that Emma Vance *might* not be ready to skip ahead since she’s still two — and a bit too “free spirited.” Ha!)

As our time in the Twinkle Twos class comes to a close, I’m happy to report that it was a smashing success, well, at least in toddler terms. Emma Vance was able to live out her dream of being June from “Little Einsteins,” made friends her age, and got to run around like a wild woman in a tutu, so, yeah, it was a toddler girl’s dream come true. We’ve got two more classes before the end of the semester, but today in particular E.V. didn’t want to let go of her ballerina persona, opting to wear her tutu, tights and slippers all morning long, even while cooking pancakes — and eating them. And then right through play time and reading time, straight into nap time. “Something” tells me we’ll be back in the ballet studio sooner rather than later…and with Little Sister in tow/toe. ;)

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