Bath Time is the Best Time

Splish, splash, E.V.’s taking a bath!

Bath time has been one of Emma Vance’s favorite daily baby chores since she was a newborn. Now that she’s sitting up and playing like a big girl, bath time has become a whole new game, full of toys to grab and water to splash. She likes to put her hands and face under the waterfall spout at the beginning of each bath, and at the end, when she sees me reaching for her towel, she always pleads to me with puppy dog eyes to stay a little longer…which often times I oblige.

Here’s a little bit of how bath time went tonight:
WARNING: Brief baby nudity involved. Parental guidance suggested. :)

Quite a difference from the video we took of E.V.’s first bath six months ago, huh? Looks like we’ll be signing this one up for swim lessons early in life…

“Do I have┬áto get out now? Can’t we play just a little bit longer, Mom?”

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