Book Week (Olivia + Ladybug Girl)

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We’ve been enjoying everyone’s suuuuper cute posts about Dr. Seuss’s birthday this week! I love that schools are using his talent, artistry and thoughtfulness to inspire kids to think creatively and to love to read. As an artist and book worm, it definitely makes my heart happy!

To celebrate this collective love of literacy, our preschool hosted a Book Week and invited the kids to dress up as their favorite characters and to bring in their favorite books to share. Emma Vance’s class celebrated on Wednesday, and Cricket’s celebrated Thursday. Thankfully we had some book-themed items in our dress-up closet for E.V. to pose as her favorite literary pig, Olivia, and for fun Cricket tagged along as Olivia’s little brother, Ian, haha! Since Cricket’s class is still so young, they didn’t request that the kids to dress up, but we chose to celebrate Cricket’s favorite character, Ladybug girl, anyway. (I mean, do the Shove girls ever opt not participate when there’s a potential to play dress-up? Never.) The girls loved playing pretend and sharing their books, and since they’ve already been talking about what they want to be for Halloween (EIGHT months from now!), Book Week was a lovely way to fulfill their wonderfully imaginative hearts.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss, and happy Book Week to all the little readers out there!

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