Bowl Full of Cherries

Five minute photo shoot!

We had a few visitors yesterday, and while awaiting their arrival, Emma Vance asked to have her picture taken in her cherry-themed outfit. Not one to disappoint an infant, I obliged.

I did mention to her that perhaps her flowered headband was just a tad oversized for her at the moment, but she insisted that it detracted from her mohawk, a feature of which she is equally proud and embarrassed. There’s a long road ahead, girl, before that hair is heavy enough to lay down on its own…

(Is it totally obnoxious to always want to photograph your baby? Yeah, probably. Oh, well. :) )

Crazy hair in all its glory…

Oh, that button nose!
Shifty eyes…
(This is her melancholy look.)

And cue giant flower!
Blowin’ bubbles (her latest skill)
Dad’s blue eyes are stickin’ around so far…
Love this little lady!

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