Bunny Teeth

See those cute, tiny little bottom teeth?

Now see those GIANT top teeth? :)
Oh, teeth.
I love a baby who sleeps through the night. When E.V. started teething several months ago, I read that it should only take a few days to a week per round of teeth, and so when she started having sad, wakeful nights, I was prepared for a few newborn-esque nights. And then it took over a month for her bottom two teeth to come in…ugh. This is NOT a fast process, people!

Then, a month or two ago, her molars popped up and her top teeth started bulging. I was eager to see those top teeth; their arrival meant sleeping through the nights again and the signal that Emma Vance is finally becoming a big girl. As they started to poke through (her middle two teeth followed by her lateral ones), I thought, “Gosh, those look kinda’…BIG.” And they are–oh, how they are!
E.V.’s bottom teeth are very petite and very square. Her two front teeth, though, are giant and very round. Seriously, it’s like a mismatched set! I’ve always felt like my two front teeth are a little too big, and so now I can’t help but wonder if she’s inherited my smile. I mean, there are definite upsides to the Aquilio mouth: None of us ever had crooked teeth or braces, but our teeth are weak. Oh, so weak! No kidding around, I can literally tell when I get a cavity; it takes only one or two nights of missed brushings, and I’ll inevitably end up stuck in the dentist’s chair, paying for my laziness. (Ryan, on the other hand, has the world’s strongest teeth. Go figure.) Thankfully Emma Vance is OBSESSED with toothbrushes, joining me in the bathroom every morning saying, “Tee! Tee!” (translation: “Mom, get my toothbrush ready! Can I have Elmo toothpaste today?”), so at least if she inherits my weak teeth, she’ll also inherit my strong oral care habits too. :)
As for now, all I can think when I see her grinning with those tiny bottom teeth overpowered by those giant top ones is how she looks like a little bunny rabbit. Too bad she’s already inherited my disdain for carrots. ;)

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