Burt’s Pumpkin Patch

Annual trip to Burt’s? Check.
Ryan and I (like many Atlantans) make the traditional trek to the North Georgia mountains to pick out our Halloween pumpkin each autumn. Usually we take a leisurely day to drive up, peruse the patch, choose a few gourds for our front stoop, then drive over to Hillcrest Orchards for apple cider doughnuts (mmm). This year, as October has slipped quickly by, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find time to go. I had conflicting thoughts: We’re soooo busy, and Emma Vance won’t remember this first year at Burt’s, so why make the effort? On the other hand, it’s her first fall, so it would be sad to miss out on the festivities. With Halloween quickly approaching, Ryan convinced me (despite my we-should-be-doing-something-productive-because-we’re-moving-in-a-week attitude) that Friday was a perfect day for pumpkin hunting, so we loaded up the baby and made the trip.
Let me just say, it was so worth it. I know I’ll look back on this trip ten years down the road and be glad we didn’t let E.V. miss her first year participating in this Shove family tradition.
Here’s a quick recap of our day in pictures and captions:
Because of the loooong drive, I sat in the back to entertain Emma Vance.
Highlights, you ask? We had a bubble blowing contest. Guess who won?

Aaaand we made it–finally! Unfortunately we arrived just as E.V.’s usual nap time started, so she was a bit sleepy…
…so we did a lot of exciting things to wake her up.
First, we explored tiny, E.V.-sized pumpkins.

(They had lots of E.V.-sized pumpkins.)

Then we tried to get her to hold one, but instead she decided to attempt to eat it.
(Does this count as her first food?)
Next we took a back-stage tour of the mini-pumpkin display…
…and let Emma Vance explore a bit.

She also explored the corn with the help of Ryan.

Then it was on to the BIG pumpkin patch!

The sign said, “Please don’t sit or stand on pumpkins.”
Don’t they know babies can’t read?
(And could she look any grumpier? Ha!)

(Her dad is so cute.)

Super Baby!

Don’t fall asleep yet, little lady!

Wake up! 
(“Huh? What? I’m up. I’m up!)

She was too little to sit next to a pumpkin, so this was the next best thing…

Obligatory family picture on the hay. :)

(Cutie girl!) 

After the family pic, Dad took on the task of keeping her awake.

As we walked around, Emma Vance practiced her Miss America wave.

Finally, she found the perfect baby pumpkin to take home!

Emma Vance scratched it to make sure it was just right.

We had a ladybug follow us around all day. Here she is on E.V.’s shirt. A few minutes later she was in my hair…
and then I flung her onto Ryan. (Total surprise to see the ladybug in this picture–how perfect is that?!?)

When we went to check out, we told the cashier that it was Emma Vance’s first pumpkin-picking experience,
and he gave us her pumpkin for free! (It must’ve been Burt himself…)

We did take a drive over to Hillcrest afterward, but Emma Vance was so tired she literally passed out before we left the parking lot of Burt’s, so the apple doughnuts were a quick stop.

I’m glad my bad attitude didn’t stop us from carrying on our family tradition. Now E.V.’s been initiated, and I can honestly say I can’t wait until next year’s trip. Happy fall, y’all!

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