Love these moments…

One of the small things I’m enjoying now and hope to always remember is this wonderful phase where Emma Vance always seems to fall asleep on our way home, affording me the chance to gingerly unbuckle her, carefully pick her up, feel her heavy little head on my shoulder and the weight of her body in my arms, and carry her up to her crib. It’s really only recently that she’s begun to do this car-to-crib transition well. In the past she’d inevitably wake up as soon as her carseat passed the threshold to our home, and we’d end up settling for a catnap on those occasions. Somewhere in the past month or two she’s decided to be a determined sleeper, and I love the resulting brief moments where she’s completely asleep in my arms. The past has trained me so that every time I set her in her crib I expect her eyes to pop open and to hear a “Good morning!” coo, but nowadays it’s usually a deep, content *sigh* as I unwrap her from my arms and lay her down. It’s so sweet to see her, fully dressed but slumbering away in her nursery, and her sighs make me sigh–out of overwhelming joy.

Even in her sleep she’s a ham!
Took this picture…

…and then half a second later, after she heard the shutter go off, I took this one. Silly girl, even in her sleep! :)

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