I couldn’t sleep last night (one of those weirdo side effects of pregnancy…), and decided that the internet would be the best means of wearing out my brain at 3 a.m.  In searching for inspiration for an upcoming event I googled “photobooth backdrop,” and this was the first image that came up! Ha! Perhaps not my best photo (Amy Osaba, why are you undressing me? and tell me, does anyone actually look good in a jumping pic? :) ), but it was SO appropriate for today’s post…

We got the call–no blood clots! Yay! Thanks everyone for the prayers and encouragement!  In talking with the nurse about the results of the re-test, I (naturally) inquired as to why my first test results were so wrong and such a cause for worry:

Dear LabCorp,

Thank you for messing up my test results. For two weeks I worried that every little ache in my extremities would lead me to have a brain aneurism.  Thank you for almost making me take a blood thinner, which could’ve been very, very bad for my baby. Thankfully, you’re at least smart enough NOT to mess up twice (in a row at least), and now that second time’s a charm, I can rest easily.

Talie Shove
PS: I will not be paying EITHER of the $600 bills you’ve sent me for my two blood clotting tests.  Seems fair, right?

Oh, well! All’s well that end’s well, and we’re so excited to have good news! Now, onto finding out if this kid’s going to be surrounded by pink or blue come June…

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